Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hogan knows best rerun

Man, I swear, I have seen this hogans know best episode so many times its ridiculous. I like this sho wbut I never seem to catch any new episodes. Maybe it is between seasons, or maybe the show is over. No idea. Pointbeing, I hat ethis episode. Its the one where the neighbor is complaining about their pets and trying to get them to get rid of them. they just moved the animals to another home, and are awaiting a city council hearing.

I just now switched to the latest james bond movie. I have necver seen this one surprisingly. Its the one with the asian bad guy mighting james bond on the ice. Hallie berrt is the female . I never seen to ctach this one from the start, though i have never caught it from the end either. hallie berry looks kind of like . the action thus far is a little to far fetched. these cars have like a bazillion weapons in them. the aston is coiol and the jag is iffy, but they are completely resistant to all damage... gay

right now halie berry is drowning.